DEA – Madreperla – fluido igienizzante epidermico



Dermatologically tested


What is it?

Epidermal sanitizer, useful for cleaning the skin before starting a treatment.



Apply the product on a cotton pad, cleanse the affected area and rinse with plenty of water.


Properties of plants that make the product unique

  • LIME TREE: soothing, ideal for delicate skin;
  • ALTEA: emollient and soothing;
  • WHITE THYME: detergent and antibacterial;
  • PROPOLIS: organic substance that has antimicrobial, emollient and antioxidant properties.


Expert advice

Product suitable for sensitive, impure, oily skin and for external intimate hygiene.


Available formats

Bottle 250 ml



Rinsing cosmetic. Added to water, it can be used for foot and body cleansing.

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