Cosmetic lines

From accurate studies and long-term researches, from the rediscovery of ancient knowledge combined with the results of new cosmetics technology, the DEA lines were born:

Dea Wellness, Baby, Sport and Home.


It consist of 11 products for face and body. These products, complete, rich in plant extracts and essential oils, are all dermatologically tested. Their natural use is at all operators of wellbeing, but can be used without any problem by anyone, at home, for the treatment of any body imperfections.



It consist of 6 basic products for face and body. These products are created to provide the final consumer, as well beauticans, a viable alternative to essential oils. They are all dermatologically tested.


From many years of experience of Dimensione Energia comes a new challenge, the children’s market. This line currently consists of a soothing cream and a massage oil, ideal to counteract the redness of the skin of newborns, and not only, thanks to its components. They are all dermatologically tested.



Dimensione Energia also thought of those who practice both professional or amateur sport. Thus DE-SPORT was born, a cosmetic line of 3 products, rich in active ingredients, ideal for all types of sports performances before and after the sport competitions.



After twenty years of experience in cosmetology, Dimensione Energia has decided to undertake a new path. Thus DEA HERB TEA was born, a line consisting of 6 teas, useful to implement the aesthetics benefit conferred by our cosmetics.