About us

Dimensione Energia deals with aesthetic and beauty, offering products rich in plant extracts, essential oils and professional training.

Dimensione Energia wa founded in 1994 with the intention of rediscovering ancient knowledge and tradition, uniting what Mother Nature offers to mankind and what thanks to modern technology cosmetology, may be derived from its fruits: thus, the brand DEA was born. The DEA cosmetics distinguish products made of pure active principles suitably synergized, concentrated and enriched with precious essential oils. In the journey the began over 20 years ago, the founder owners have been able to grasp the importance of using herbal essence for the resolution of aesthetics imperfections. Each and every cosmetic was wisely formulated by including extracts of plant, useful to the well-being of the body.

The Love for nature is a feeling that arises to demostrate how plants can work on various imperfections; each plant in fact tells a story and this is the awareness on which Dimensione Energia based its twenty-year experience.