DEA – Lapislazzuli – shampoo



Dermatologically tested


What is it?

Shampoo based on substances of natural origin known for their sebum balancing properties, ideal to integrate with anti-dandruff treatments. Thanks to its natural base, it cleans effectively without damaging the scalp, giving freshness, strength and shine to the hair.


Apply the product twice a week on the scalp and hair, massage for 4/5 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.


Properties of plants that make the product unique

  • NETTLE: emollient;
  • BIRCH: has an excellent anti-dandruff action, regulates the production of sebum and strengthens the scalp;
  • WATER CRESS: tonic, remineralizing, firming. The extract is used for oily and impure skin;
  • JUNIPER: essential oil helps to relax contracted muscles and tone the connective tissues of the scalp;
  • WHITE THYME: detergent and antibacterial.


Expert advice

Product particularly indicated in case of dandruff, excess sebum, dry and brittle hair, premature fall.


Available formats

Bottle 250 ml

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