DEA – Gel Riscaldante



Dermatologically tested


What is it?

Pre-physical activity gel that favors muscle warming and superficial microcirculation, also acting as anti-cellulite. Immediately after its application it gives a pleasant sensation of heat thanks to its main ingredient the Capsicum (chilli). Also ideal for decontracting massages.


Apply the product on the area to be treated, massage until completely absorbed.


Properties of plants that make the product unique

  • ALGA FUCUS: seaweed used in cosmetics to combat cellulite blemishes;
  • HOPS: elasticizing, purifying, anti-itching, anti-aging;
  • IVY: effective plant in the presence of cellulite and venous insufficiency (in an aesthetic sense), improves skin elasticity, soothing;
  • NETTLE: emollient, recommended for external use in treatments against acne blemishes.


Expert advice

Product particularly suitable for skin in the presence of cellulite, sagging skin, acne; preventive in the appearance of stretch marks.


Available formats

Bottle 250 ml


Meaning of the stone

Stone that facilitates the emergence of unconscious memories by helping to solve problems in the simplest way, recovering those faculties that were considered lost.



Given the high quantity of Capsicum (Chilli) do not apply on face, neck and inner thighs .


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