DEA – Fluido di Azzurrite – tonico, struccante



Dermatologically tested


What is it?

Make-up remover and cleansing tonic for face and neck. Suitable for all skin types, and ideal for cleaning oily and poorly oxygenated skin prone to acne.
It helps reduce pigment spots, dark circles and bags, and is perfect for face cleansing in the morning.


Apply the product on a cotton pad, cleanse the desired area and rinse gently.


Properties of plants that make the product unique

  • CHAMOMILE: flower with soothing properties, reduces annoying sensations such as itching and redness (in an aesthetic sense);
  • EUPHRASIA: soothing to detergent;
  • LAVENDER: soothing, antibacterial, reconstructs and decongests the skin (in an aesthetic sense);
  • BLUEBERRY LEAVES: refreshing, astringent, tonic and vasoprotective.


Expert advice

Product indicated for face and neck cleansing. Also recommended for dry, senescent, oily and delicate skin.


Available formats

Bottle 250 ml



Rinsing cosmetic.


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